Now is the time to set forth on an
adventure of self-discovery in one of the world’s
most beautiful and captivating sites.

Join us on one of our inspiring journeys as we explore ancient civilizations and cultures, oral traditions, myths and legends, music, folklore, literature , art, architecture, and fabulous food and accommodation. Through daily guided discussions and creative endeavors, you will learn as much about yourself as you do about the country you’re traveling in.

Audrey Press Tours is dedicated to providing unique, meaningful and rewarding experiences. We specialize in immersive and interactive travel. Our journeys combine history along with cultural and sacred traditions all while we explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.
Each tour is carefully crafted to help further you on your path of self-discovery while finding connections to the people, knowledge and places on this planet we call home.
Our itineraries are infused with local guides, and resources which draw from our many years of travels, journeys, and experiences.
Each one of our journeys is nicely flavored with experiences from local musicians, authors, archaeologists, scientists, chefs, story-tellers, crafts people, farmers, professors, and wisdom-keepers. Each one of our experts helps weave the fabric of our journeys in a unique and special way.

With Audrey Press Tours you will:

  • Travel with like minded people
  • Forge new friendships
  • Escape from daily stresses and restore balance
  • Learn about ancient cultures and traditions
  • Explore beautiful ancient sites, temples, cathedrals, museums, and architecture
  • Travel safely in small groups and a well knowledge and passionate tour guide.
  • Enjoy daily discussions and contemplations.
  • Develop more compassion and understanding for yourself and others.
  • Enjoy an itinerary that is extensively researched and creatively crafted offering incredible teachers and resources.
  • Connect with power places and carefully chosen sacred sites.
  • Strengthen your connection to the rest of the world as you deepen your knowledge in other cultures and traditions.